All nonimmigrant visa (visitor visa, H1 visa, student visa etc.) applicants need to fill DS, nonimmigrant visa form. Each traveler must have a separate. If you are a foreign national and wish to visit the US as a nonimmigrant, you must file Form DS, Nonimmigrant Visa Electronic Application at a US Consulate. Form EOIR Notice of Appeal from a Decision of an Immigration Judge · Form DS US Passport Application Form · Form EOIR Notice of Appeal from a.

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If you have a fax at home, write the number, else write ‘None’. Sometimes, travel agents or other consultants fill this form on behalf of you, and you should answer ‘Yes’ in those cases too.

Sample DS that gives detailed guidance for each question in DS form. Other Visa Forms Poverty Guidelines: An applicant should mention the duration of the planned trip; not the duration of the visa he is hoping for.

If this application was prepared by another person on your ds-156 nonimmigrant visa application, answer ‘Yes’ and ask that person to fill the next question.

That is the country you are citizen of. viaa

Access Denied

Cabo Verde formerly Cape Verde. If the application times out, all the data that has been entered will be lost. You must generate it online. When you select this option, certain information from your application, such as destination, will automatically be imported to and displayed on ds-156 nonimmigrant visa application new application.

Embassies and Consulates abroad use the new online DS for applicatjon visa applications by April 30, But if you overstayed during your last visit to the U.

Rights and Protections for Temporary Workers. Charles, IL Fees for Nonimmigrantt Services. If you are citizen of some other country and that country has any such number, write it ds-156 nonimmigrant visa application. Your confirmation page is all ds-156 nonimmigrant visa application is needed to retrieve your application data. November 11th, 0 Comments. Your Rights and Protections. Via you are applying onlineavailable only for people in India you don’t have to fill DS again all the details in that form will be collected online.

The photo affixed must be front facing, not more than 6 months old with a light color background. You are about to visit: All nonimmigrant visa visitor visa, H1 visa, student visa ds-16. First and Middle Names As in Passport: Embassies and Consulates List of U.

You must bring the confirmation page with you during all phases of the application process. Most of the nonimmigrant ds-156 nonimmigrant visa application would not create problems for returning to the U.

Include maiden name also. It can differ from your permanent address mentioned in the passport. If you have a mobile cell phone, write the number, else write ‘None’.

If any of that is true, it would be tough for you to get a visa. Download Acrobat Reader here! It can also be a hotel where you might be staying.

DS-160, The New Non-Immigrant Visa Application

If you are married, divorced or separated, write your spouse’s name even if spouse is not going to be traveling with you or not applying for a visa. Directory of Visa Categories. Married women must be sure to include their full ds-156 nonimmigrant visa application as used before applicattion, after marriage, and any other aliases. Embassy or Consulate Straight Facts on U. If you have a business phone, write the number, else write ‘None’.

DS Sample non-immigrant visa form

Please refer to the Guidelines for Photographs — for Online Visa Applications for detailed guidance for using a digital camera, and requirements for scanned images. If ds-156 nonimmigrant visa application previously had a passport that expired or was lost, don’t write numbers from those passports. Form DS is available at www.

Embassy or Consulate which has converted to the new electronic fully online form and process. You must provide a date. ds-156 nonimmigrant visa application

If you intend to study, provide the name and complete address of school you will be attending. Legal Permanent Residence or U.

Country whose applicatin you are. Home Why Lentini Viisa The reason is that you have already shown the intent to immigrate to the U. Your current passport number. If your visa was cancelled before, it would be difficult to get another visa this time. Ds-156 nonimmigrant visa application note that if you use this option you will need to create an individual application for each of your family members traveling with you or for each individual within the group.

Ds-156 nonimmigrant visa application you have any such relatives in the U. That is also the address where the passport will be mailed to you if you get a visa.